Dog with his lunch

Barranco de Masca

This spring, we went to Tenerife; one of the bigger and more well-known of the Canary Islands. Lots of people go there for sunbathing, we went for hiking. On the first day, we did the hike through the Masca gorge. The hike combines a walk through rocky terrain and nature with the possibility to cool […]

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Nap time.

City of cats

I grew up with cats, and accordingly, I love them. Unlike Berlin, Bangkok’s streets are full of cats and these are just a few of the many cats we saw.

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I did not learn to dive on Ko Tao

Learning to dive was supposed to be one of the highlights of our vacation in Thailand and Cambodia; I did a medical checkup, spent hours searching for the best island and the best diving school and planned our itinerary around the course. And yet, on the second day of the course, I quit.

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