Awesome travel gear: The Poncho

A new piece of gear we’ve come to love during our latest trip to Scotland: the poncho. Yes, it’s about this cheap, shapeless, one-size-fits-all plastic bag.

What is it for?

Protects against rain. Against heavy rain. To keep you dry when even your expensive Gore-Tex clothes start to soak through. And as a plus, it even protects a small backpack too.

What does it cost?

Almost nothing! We bought ours for 1 £ each!

What does it weigh?

Almost nothing!

Wait, isn’t there anything bad to say about it?

It tears easily. And it’s far from ideal if you want to climb, scramble or bike. But for walking it’s fine as long as you don’t mind looking stupid. Since I do not mind, I will seriously use one again the next time I go hiking in Scotland or any other place with unpredictable weather and high likelihood of rain.







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