Falling in love with Hong Kong

Hong Kong, the first stop on a ten weeks trip through Asia. We arrive and we fall in love almost immediately. Here are three things we enjoyed in Hong Kong.

Being surprised. In my imagination, Hong Kong was always a dark and mysterious place, like Gotham city in old Batman movies. When I thought of Hong Kong, I thought of the colors red and brown. I imagined narrow alleys, grim-looking people and constant rain. It turns out that Hong Kong is not at all like that. The train to the city is modern and clean, and people are smiling as they make way for us and help us navigate the public transportation system. The dominant colors are not red and brown, it’s the blue of the sea, the sky and the reflective windows of Hong Kong’s skyline.

Hong Kong seen from Victoria PeakTemple in Hongkong

Being in the east and in the west at the same time. On Hong Kong island, seafood is dried on the sidewalks and temples are hidden between skyscrapers. Bamboo is used to construct modern buildings and the weirdest types of medical teas are sold next to western-style coffee shops. The public area on the ground floor of the HSBC building is used for picnics by domestic workers on their day off.


Drying sea food in Hong KongUsing public transport. Yes, I am serious about that. The star ferry from Hong Kong island to Kowloon is cheap and scenic. We enjoy the trip so much that we do it several times. A double-decker tram going around Hong Kong island offers a perfect viewing angle on the streets below.Star ferry, Hongkong
Time of visit: August 2013

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