Three perfect bars in Barcelona

On a weekend trip to Barcelona, we enjoyed nothing more than exploring the bars. From very low-key to more stylish ones, we visited a lot of them. These are our top three picks.

The Stylish Neighbourhood Bar

LaNeuraOn a walk through the area around the hostel, the inviting exterior of Bar La Neura easily caught our attention. While it may be too nicely decorated to be a typical Spanish bar in looks, it is in its soul. In the late evening, it filled up with families, couples and individuals from the neighbourhood. Children were running around, grandmothers chatted happily and everyone was joking with the owners. Ah, and yes, the food was excellent. Try the croquettes or and the boquerenes a la andaluza …

The Friendly Neighborhood Bar

Just two corners away from La Neura waited a more down-to-earth but no less inviting bar. The friendly folks at Bar Salamanca (on Carrer de la Industria, 6 – there is more than one Bar Salamanca in Barcelona) don’t care much for interior design or anything of that sorts. It’s all relaxed and friendly and very original. You can watch the Barça matches there, or, on days without football, enjoy complimentary tapas with your drink.

The High-Throughput Cava Bar

Erasmus students, tourists, travelers, locals – everyone seems to unite in the crowded La Xampanyeria where the Spanish cava flows faster than anywhere else. You enter, you fight your way to the bar, find a spot to sip or pour down your drink and just when you’ve finished it, nothing seems to be a better idea than to start all over again. After half an hour, you leave with the happy feeling of having been in the middle of the action, even if nothing special happened at all. With prices around 1€-1.20€ per glass, there is nothing to regret and the night can start.

Time of visit: January 2014

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