Don’t fear the rain: Breitachklamm, Allgäu

The Breitachklamm is a deep gorge near Oberstdorf in the very south of Germany. A visit is highly recommended for those seeking an easy yet spectacular walk, for those who love structured rock formations, for families with kids and for those who, like us, are looking for something to do on a rainy day.

I do not need to tell you in words that the gorge is impressive – the pictures give you a much better impression than any description I could write. An easy path with handrails has been built into the rock to make the gorge accessible to the public. In exchange for this (and for keeping the gorge clean and safe), a fee of 3.50 € is charged to enter the most stunning section.

A rainy day offers a different view of the gorge. The river is even more forceful and water is running down on all the walls in the gorge. The rock walls and ceilings provide some protection against the rain, so you will get less wet than you would if you were hiking in the mountains. The Breitachklamm is thus one of the few attractions around that can be enjoyable even on a day with bad weather – if you do wear appropriate clothing. Waterproof shoes are a must – few things are more unpleasant than walking around in cold weather with wet feet – as well as an effective upper body protection. Many visitors we saw used umbrellas while we used the opportunity to challenge our rain ponchos again.

There are several options how to continue at the exit of the section for which the fee is charged. You can either turn around and walk back to the entrance through the gorge (the ticket is valid for the return as well), or you can combine the visit with a hike in the surrounding area. Whatever you do, I would recommend to consider continuing along the gorge for another 10 minutes – the rock formations there are different but to me no less impressive.

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