Wurstsalat – Dictionary of culinary delights to try in Germany

What is it?

Essentially slices of pork (sometimes poultry) sausage (a type that is similar to mortadella) in oil and vinegar. Yes, it is probably an acquired taste. Served with bread or french fries. The pictures show a Schweizer Wurstsalat with cheese at the top and a more simple version below.

Schweizer Wurstsalat

Schweizer Wurstsalat


Wurstsalat with French fries and Pfälzer Weinschorle

Best time to eat Wurstsalat?

After a day of exercise, in summer since it is a cold dish or in a Brauhaus.

Best region to eat Wurstsalat:

The South! For example after a visit to the Breitachklamm or after walking in the hills of the Pfalz.

Typical ingredients:

A type of pork (sometimes poultry) sausage similar to mortadella, onions, oil, vinegar, pepper and salt; pickled cucumbers are optional. A variant called Schweizer (=Swiss) Wurstsalat also contains cheese.

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