Adrenaline and mountain kitsch: Alpsee-Bergwelt, Allgäu

The Alpsee-Bergwelt is the Bavaria of your dreams, commercialized to perfection and unashamedly targeted towards families. But even without kids, there is a very good reason to visit: Bavaria’s largest high ropes course.

The high ropes course has 16 different parcours of increasing difficulty. Some are very close to the ground and are helpful to gain confidence in your skills. Some are technically challenging, another let’s you swing from tree to tree at a height of 20m. Half of us scared of heights and both surprisingly bad at climbing trees, there could not to be a better way to improve our outdoor skills.

When we arrived, we were provided with a climbing harness and a helmet. They gathered visitors into small groups and we did not have to wait more than 5 minutes before we received an introduction to the high ropes course. They use a system with two carabiners that are interlocked in such a way that you cannot open both at the same time. In this way, it is almost impossible to break the safeguard system. All the instructors were young and I am sure there would have no problem to deliver the instructions in English as well. There were also two guys patrolling the high ropes course to answer questions and to save people if they got too scared or had problems with their gear. The climbing time included in the ticket is three hours.

Here are a few tips for the high ropes course:

  • It is nice to have gloves. We bought ours for 2.50 Euros up there.
  • The fun is physically demanding, so you may want to bring some snacks and something to drink.
  • You cannot take a backpack into the high ropes course but you can leave it in a tent nearby the entrance (unattended). Valuables can deposited at the counter.
  • If you do not speak German, you will only need to know the following words to navigate the high ropes course: leicht = easy, mittel = intermediate, schwer = difficult and Höhe = height.

Apart from the high ropes course there are also several hiking trails, several restaurants, a chair lift and an alpine roller coaster. We took the chair lift up and down and it was a scenic ride. The waiting time for the roller coaster was two hours when we were ready to leave. Our mistake to visit during the summer holidays on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon… Your chances to use it may be better if you come on a weekday. At the foot of the mountain, there is a beautiful lake that you can swim in.

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