Acoustic journey to Italy

The sound in this video characterizes the place that used to be ‘my’ Italian village in the past ten months.

In this tiny place near L’Aquila in Abruzzo, I heard the same song being played again and again, always in the morning, always the same song, without ever knowing where it came from. For a long time, I suspected my neighbor to be addicted to this song. But in the last week there, I finally discovered its source: a small truck that comes to the village about once every week to sell vegetables and fruits. You see, this place doesn’t have any shops that matter. There is a another truck that uses a megaphone to announce its arrival, and yet another that I never heard making any sound at all – but then it sells roasted meat, so it might not need a lot publicity.

Another sound that characterizes this village is the barking of dogs and it is also recorded in the video. Almost everyone seems to own one there, and for every domestic dog there are at least two wild ones.

There is more to come! Please do ..

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4 thoughts on “Acoustic journey to Italy

  1. vinantimistry

    I am reading a book about Italy, set in a countryside in 1600. And one of the character is the Donkey. This picture brings all the images from the book to life !!! Just Love it .


  2. vinantimistry

    This sounds reminds me of our beautiful trips to Italy for attending Folk dance festivals. Sometimes the festivals were in small villages.


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