Traveling a new home

With half of our boxes still not unpacked, this is the first post I am writing from our kitchen table, next to our pistachio green kitchen wall, somewhere in Berlin – the image of this wall is our submission to the Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge. Slowly, we are getting ready to do what we ought to do: keep our eyes open and our curiosity up to explore our new home like travelers would.

Kitchen wall/rule of thirds

Kitchen wall/rule of thirds

Arriving in winter and at a time when apartment rents are on the rise, Berlin did show us a bit of a cold shoulder at the beginning. We saw more than 30 different places during our epic search for an apartment here. We met a lawyer who generously announced that he’d be leaving all his furniture in the apartment (and it all looked like garbage to us). We queued together with at least sixty others for one of the flats (and could not see anything special about it). We almost rented an apartment with asbestos walls (and backed off immediately when we discovered what they were made off).

Ice and sunshine in #Berlin Tiergarten #travel #olympus #mft

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But now that we are halfway settled we can ..

.. walk around like tourists and take pictures of the sights ..

.. rush to get outside every time the sun is out ..

#toys on Trödelmarkt in #Berlin today #olympus #mft #travel

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.. plunge into the cultural live of Berlin, watch crazy movies and endless plays at the theater (5 hours!!!) ..

(And no, the shorts were not really easier to digest, but one was excellent: Symbolic Threat by the artists who hissed white flags on the Brooklyn Bridge)

.. visit every bar and cafe to find our favorite spots ..

.. and build a portfolio of Berlin images ..

February morning

I took the last image in this post for Lucile’s photo rehab – a place for lost participants of the first photo101 edition.

11 thoughts on “Traveling a new home

  1. desleyjane

    I really like the way you’ve written this post 😀
    Anyway, I’m glad you’re settled in, it’s going to be fun seeing the new neighbourhood and finding all your new local spots. Looking forward to reading more!
    Love the photo at the end, very cool composition.


  2. luciledegodoy

    Welcome to the Photo Rehab and thank you so much for joining! We needed you here!
    I loved this post. Very interesting to follow your epic search and to learn you are settling in a new apartment and life.
    The photos are beautiful, and some I had already appreciated on Instagram.
    The last one took my breath away. It is stunning. What an eye you have! Kudos. Im honored you chose it for your debut at the Rehab! Thanks much! Looking forward to seeing more.


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