Around the world in Black and White – Catania, Italy

This week, we will travel through time and space to revisit five destinations we have already visited, only that this time, we will look at them through black-and-white glasses. Given that the word ‘colors’ makes up half of the name of this blog, you are quite right if you guessed that this was not my idea – I was invited to this challenge by fellow blogger Jill’s Scene. I gladly accept the invitation and the first stop on my black-and-white journey is the town of Catania on Sicily.

Below is a monochrome version of one of my favourite images from Catania. The place was right next to the tiny and friendly B&B in which I spend most of the time preparing a set of lectures I gave in Catania. In the few moments I had to myself, I walked the surrounding blocks and tried to capture the crumbling, decaying beauty of the city.

Catania_BWI cannot resist to show you also the original, color version of the image, The colors here are just as they came out of my camera, the Olympus Pen EPL-3 I used at the time. Which of the two images do you like more?

CATANIA_COLORThe rules of the B/W challenge ask me not only to post a black-and-white image every day on five consecutive days but also to nominate a new participant in each of these posts. It is clear that whoever made these rules trusted us to break them – or the challenge would soon have reached every blogger there is on this planet. Instead, I would like to invite everyone to this challenge who feels compelled to do it.

8 thoughts on “Around the world in Black and White – Catania, Italy

  1. Jill's Scene

    I like your idea of taking us around the world in black and white! Of of these two photos I think I prefer the colour by the narrowest of margins. The blue framing works to draw my eye into the gold tones of the light on the shelves. Whereas the B&W repels ever so slightly.


  2. Debbie

    now this is interesting ::; this one you have the black and white one first, and I entered that space, really liking it.
    then when i saw the colour photo, i loved it, of course, the warm colours in the middle … but the black and white one seemed to me ( and I’m no photographer) to be more integrated as a picture with the shades of black and white.

    it’s interesting, because now i am seeing that my response to the photos seems to depend on which one i see first!
    obviously, I don’t do change very well. I’m capricorn sun, what can i say? 🙂


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