Around the world in Black and White – Kathmandu, Nepal

This week, we will travel through time and space to revisit five destinations we have already visited, only that this time, we will look at them through black-and-white glasses. Given that the word ‘colors’ makes up half of the name of this blog, you are quite right if you guessed that this was not my idea – I was invited to this challenge by fellow blogger Jill’s Scene. The second stop on our journey takes us to Kathmandu, where we join two Nepali men as they watch the busy Durbar Square.

Durbar Square

I like how the B/W rendering mediates a sense of calm that is barely tangible in the color version of the image. What they look at is a busy square with a colorful market, many temples and all the noise that is so typical of Kathmandu. For an impression, click on the video below. It was filmed just a few meters away from where they sat. For more images from Kathmandu, have a look at the article in which the video was originally posted.


The rules of the B/W challenge ask me not only to post a black-and-white image every day on five consecutive days but also to nominate a new participant in each of these posts. It is clear that whoever made these rules trusted us to break them – or the challenge would soon have reached every blogger on this planet. Instead, I would like to invite everyone to this challenge who feels compelled to do it.

4 thoughts on “Around the world in Black and White – Kathmandu, Nepal

  1. luciledegodoy

    I think you’re absolutely right that a BW version displays more serenity. Great choice. I couldn’t see the video on my iPhone but will do later on another computer.


  2. Debbie

    I couldn’t see the colour pic of this on the page you linked to, but comparing to the video colours, i like the black and white one here.
    the black and white seems to focus on the two men: i swear i can hear them speak, get a feel of what they are talking about. they seem to be old friends.
    the vibrant colour in the video just submerges people amidst all the colour……


  3. Blobally

    Nice pics, especially the ones in the linked article! I’m in Kathmandu at the moment, and they really give an idea of the atmosphere you can breath here! I took my shots in both color and b&w, the first when I needed to emphasize chromes, the second to keep the focus on the scene itself.

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