For Nepal.

I wanted to publish an entirely different post today. I wanted to show you pictures from a fish market in South Korea. But the only image that I can think of since Saturday is the picture of two Nepali men in Kathmandu that I recently brought up on this blog.

Two Nepali men chatting on Durbar Square.

Two Nepali men chatting on Durbar Square.

We sat on the stairs of a large pagoda when I took this picture in 2013. The pagoda was destroyed by the devastating earthquake that shook Nepal this weekend, and so were the other buildings on this square. The news are full of pictures from places and streets that we saw while we were in Nepal, and none of them looks like they did back then. Folders full of images from the Kathmandu valley, images that I had meant to show on this blog one day, suddenly serve historical records better than travel inspiration.

It is not for the sake of the buildings that I am sad. It is for the people of Nepal that it hurts so much, because of the pain and loss they experience through the destruction that shows on these images. I do not know what happened to these two men, nor how to help them, their families, their friends. I am still short of words. Donating money did not make me feel better. But I still hope it does a little to improve the situation of those whose pain is so much stronger than mine.

3 thoughts on “For Nepal.

  1. Angeline M

    A beautiful photo of times gone by. We can only hope these two survived. The plight of the people in Nepal is tragic. I also hope that donating money can in some way help make some lives a little better.

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