For ToM: Berlin in Black-and-White

For July’s Tech of the Month, I am sharing black-and-white pictures from Berlin.


The image above shows the Holocaust memorial near the Brandenburg gate. I chose to render this photo in bw to emphasize the shapes and to obtain a higher degree of abstraction.


This is a statue in Kreuzberg, a popular district of Berlin.


When we saw it, this old building in Schöneberg was empty except for one apartment behind this window on the ground floor. Black-and-white underlines the state of disrepair this house is in.

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9 thoughts on “For ToM: Berlin in Black-and-White

    1. perelincolors

      Thank you! I am mightily happy with the new theme and very glad if others like it too. I always wanted a sort of magazine-style theme and this was the first one that seemed to work.


      1. LDG luciledegodoy

        You found a very good theme. It goes well with both text and photos and that’s a difficult balance to achieve in most themes.
        I’ve been searching for a new one for a while but haven’t yet found ‘the one’!


      2. perelincolors

        It’s not easy to find that one perfect theme – it’s such an individual choice and depends so much on the ratio between text and photos in the posts. I wanted one that also showcases older posts well, and has featured images, and is responsive, and where the text column is not too narrow, and, and, and …


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