Lost in Berlin

I have not posted very often lately and all the reason is that there is so much to do here in Berlin. Too many festivals, theatres, concerts, museums. Too many restaurants to try, too many readings to attend, too many movies to watch and, in this particular summer, almost too many hours of sunshine. And even though I will regret those last words when fall and winter have arrived, I love to live here.

Posted on perelincolors.com for Lucile’s Photo Rehab.

6 thoughts on “Lost in Berlin

      1. perelincolors

        I do! But Oktoberfest, or at least it’s most famous incarnation with all the Lederhosen and the gigantic beer glasses, is a Bavarian thing. The most well-known one is in Munich, which is several hundred kilometers south of Berlin. There are smaller Oktoberfest copies all over Germany, also here in Berlin, but they don’t have such a big impact on the cities as the one in Munich does.

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