3 of the best .. Bridges in Berlin

Since Desley is temporarily away from blogging land, it is my turn to write about three of the best things in … Berlin. In response to Desley’s fantastic post about three of the best bridges in Australia, let me introduce you to three of the best bridges in Berlin.

According to a sign that I see everyday on my way to work, there are more bridges in Berlin than in Venice. Also according to that same sign, the best way to see them is to take a boat tour on the Spree river. The first bridge on my list is indeed best seen from the water.


And that is because this bridge is a very exclusive one; it connects the offices of the German chancellor with the gardens on the other side of the river. Once every year, when the government invites everyone to visit the ministries and other official buildings, the bridge becomes accessible for normal people. The scene in the second picture is in those gardens and the picture was taken from this normally deserted bridge.


The Admiralsbrücke crosses a small canal in Kreuzberg. It is neither a very important bridge in terms of traffic nor is it particularly beautiful. But like a hipster version of an Italian waterfront promenade, it is a place to see and to be seen. On sunny afternoons and warm evenings, the bridge is occupied by international Neuberliners who enjoy their beer from the Späti (small shops that are open until late) and show off their newest PE bags.


The Oberbaumbrücke connects the hip Kreuzberg district with the lively Friedrichshain district. The red brick bridge across the Spree was once one of the border crossings between the West and the East of Berlin. A lot has changed since then, and the bridge is now busy with pedestrians, especially in the evenings and on weekends at night. It is also one of the better place to catch some street music.

9 thoughts on “3 of the best .. Bridges in Berlin

  1. Bec J. H.

    I visited Berlin with a friend a few years ago and she saw a picture of Oberbaumbrucke on a postcard and decided she wanted to see it in real life. Unfortunately, we didn’t know what it was called! Luckily we came across it by accident eventually 🙂


  2. desleyjane

    Thanks so much for bringing us your bridges!! And for taking care of this feature this time. Your bridges are lovely and have such interesting names. So many people in that first one!! Thanks again.


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