Last month in .. Germany – Nov ’15

The attacks on Paris on November 13, in which 130 were killed and many more injured, brought the terror and the barbarism of the so-called Islamic State closer to us. We first saw what had happened when we returned to our hotel after a wonderful evening in Barcelona.

An evening in a great location, having fun and enjoying the freedom to travel that Europe grants us. An evening like the ones which the victims of those attacks had wanted to have. An evening like the ones Europeans are still going to have, however much we care and however much we feel with the families and friends of those who were killed or injured.

The attacks happened during the match between the French and the German national teams. Both teams were to play again the Tuesday after – France was going to England and ours was to play in our home town. While France did indeed play, the friendly between Germany and the Netherlands was cancelled on short notice due to a terror warning. Luckily, the town did not have to be shut down as much as Brussels had to the following weekend. Nevertheless, our minister of interior, Thomas de Maizière, disconcerted us when he said that they did not share the reasons for cancelling because they would unsettle us too much.

Terror also made the news again later last month. In one of the largest trials that ever took place in this country, the main defendant Beate Zschäpe and several others are accused having been involved in the murders of nine shop owners of foreign descent and one police woman as well as in several bomb attacks and robberies. These crimes happened between 2000 and 2006 and the trial, dubbed NSU-trial after the terrorist organization that was responsible for them, has been going on since April 2013.

Until now, the main defendant remained silent and the trial was uneventful except for endless conflicts between her and her defenders. Only the very persevering endured to follow what seemed to be a soap opera rather than a lawsuit.

Last month, the possibility of a change in pace finally started to emerge: Beate Zschäpe’s newest lawyers announced that she was to make a statement at last. She will probably make that statement in December and so we are curious which new turn the trial will finally take.

Do you expect anything interesting to happen in your country in the next month too? Did anything happen in the last month that you would care to tell us about?







7 thoughts on “Last month in .. Germany – Nov ’15

  1. I. J. Khanewala

    In the eighties when I was working in an university in Germany, the greens were just beginning to become a political force. The university was full of posters about the environment. I am in Germany again this week, and in an university I visited I saw many posters about the rights of asylum, and about human rights in general. I find it heartening to see that amidst the chaos of trying to absorb a number of refugees larger than 1% of the population, young Germans are having a serious debate. The few acts of terror, while extremely visible, do not stop this reality of ordinary people thinking about their place in the world.


    1. perelincolors

      That’s a very interesting point of view – I see posters like that every time I pass by the university but I always took them for granted and assumed there were posters like that every where in the world.


  2. Marie

    I live in the US and it seems that every couple of days there is another mass shooting. And there are never any terror warnings because too many people refuse to call the shooters domestic terrorists. They make excuses to be sure that guns aren’t blamed. Some religious and conservative zealots blame the targets of the shootings. The current crop of Republican presidential candidates and their supporters will blame President Obama. I am very disheartened. I hate to turn on the news.


    1. perelincolors

      I can totally understand that you don’t like to turn on the news if that’s all the news they bring. And still some dare to say that the Paris attacks would have ended better if everyone had been armed. I don’t want to live in a world where taking guns to a concert or a dinner is considered normal and necessary.


      1. Marie

        I so agree. The preoccupation with firearms in the US is frightening. It is becoming a culture of who shots first. It is disheartening.


  3. badfish

    I’m just hoping and praying nothing “interesting” like this happens where I am now, or where I’m going, or anywhere else in the world, for a while.
    But….they built a zipline in Dubai, and you can slide all the way across the bay on the thing if you’re up for that kind of fun.


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