Stories and advice from our blogging neighbors

December 2014

Ghosts and diamonds in the desert by Wandering Tricia: These pictures from an abandoned village in Namibia that is being reclaimed by the desert depict a tempting travel destination.
Picture credit: Wandering Tricia.

November 2014

Profiling the unseen – Taipei – Edition I by Sonali Mangal: The first in a series of posts in which Sonali takes those who are often in the background of everyday life onto the main stage and shares their stories with respect, compassion and amazing pictures.
Picture credit: Sonali Mangal.

What Niger wears by Amandinette Paperie: Fashion and impressions from Niger.
Picture credit: Amandinette Paperie.

October 2014

Tips for pintxo hopping in Logrono on Cartas de Courtney: Courtney is an English teacher in La Rioja, Spain, a country that we love for its bars and food. This article is the opening of a series of articles about bars and pintxos in Logrono.
Picture credit: Cartas de Courtney.

The utterly buttery appeal of butter on allthingstibetanblog:
This article tells us about the many uses of butter in a Tibetan home. Butter? Yes, that’s right, butter! Go find it out for yourself!
Picture credit: allthingstibetanblog.

September 2014

A tourist in Harbin by Anne from bringonthejetlag:
We found Anne’s blog on the WordPress reader. We love her post about this northern city of China and how it reminded us the cultural diversity of this enormously huge country. And she even tells us where the beer gardens are! Go check it out for yourself!
Picture credit: Anne from bringonthejetlag.


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